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News!! The new Android native app is up and running, offline audio guides are here…
The new Android native app is finally out, easier, and simpler than ever, includes the scripts to the audio guides for those travelers with hearing [...]
chichen foto
Chichen Itza Espanol
Chichen Itza en Espanol, Descarga la guia y disfruta explorando por tu cuenta
App Downloads
How to download and store the audio-guides to use them offline
Mayan smart guides allow you to down load the audio guides directly in to your iPhone to use them offline whenever you want to, just follow these simple [...]
Download the APP Here
tulum aire
chichen foto
Chichen Itza
While in Chichen Itza visit… Ver mapa más grande  
Ver mapa más grande  
safety sign
Is Mexico Safe?
Is Mexico Safe?… Horror Stories & Uneasy Rumors… Personal Safety and Comfort… Women alone… Mexico is a very foreign country. On [...]
Mexican Laws
  While traveling in Mexico, you are subject to Mexican laws and not U.S. or any other Country  laws. Tourists who commit illegal acts have no special [...]
chicken bus
Bus Traveller
  Moving around the Mayan world it’s fairly easy, but it can be very expensive if you don’t look around for the right option, especially between [...]
Crashing dollar
Car Insurance in Mexico
Tips on How to Shop for Mexican Auto Insurance If you are planning a road trip to Mexico, acquiring quality Mexican auto insurance should be one of your [...]