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safety sign
Is Mexico Safe?
Is Mexico Safe?… Horror Stories & Uneasy Rumors… Personal Safety and Comfort… Women alone… Mexico is a very foreign country. On [...]
Mexican Laws
  While traveling in Mexico, you are subject to Mexican laws and not U.S. or any other Country  laws. Tourists who commit illegal acts have no special [...]
chicken bus
Bus Traveller
  Moving around the Mayan world it’s fairly easy, but it can be very expensive if you don’t look around for the right option, especially between [...]
Crashing dollar
Car Insurance in Mexico
Tips on How to Shop for Mexican Auto Insurance If you are planning a road trip to Mexico, acquiring quality Mexican auto insurance should be one of your [...]
Eating in Mexico
 “Take my advice, dear; never eat anything ugly or wrinkled.” Overheard in a Cancun restaurant. Follow the advice offered here and you’ll have an excellent [...]
What to do in Cancun
What to do in Cancun
What to do in Merida
This year Merida celebrates its 470 anniversary, and it does it with all the glory of half a millennium of existence. Conquered by Fernando de Montejo in [...]
punta allen1.png
What to do in Punta Allen-Tulum
Finding things to do in the Mayan Riviera is not a hard thing to do, and no matter what your budget is, there are many different ways to enjoy it at its [...]
tulum aire
What to do in Tulum
  In ancient times, Tulum was a place to visit as trading and ceremonies were held here to honor the gods and to keep commerce with cities from the [...]
Chichen Itza
Visiting Chichen Itza
  To Download the SmartGuide click here The Mayan city of Chichen Itza is located in the exuberant jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is [...]
Driving mx befunk3
Driving Mexico
Driving in Mexico is not as hard as they told you, mexicans drive, in general, the same way people drive in the rest of the world, but just as in the rest [...]