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Columbus Lobster Dinner

Love will surrender to the most cherished secrets of Nichupte Lagoon aboard Columbus Lobster Dinner Cruise. This is one of a kind romance tour in Cancun offering a special evening surrounded by breathtaking views, live saxophone music, fine wine and a delicious sur n’ turf or lobster dinner. Reservations at 998-849-4748 website iconemail iconlocation_iconicon face

Carlos'n Charlie's

Carlos'n Charlie's is a family-friendly, 100% Mexican restaurant, where the genuine personality and subtle humor of Grupo Anderson's founder, Carlos Anderson, is apparent in every detail. In a laid-back, casual setting, guests are free to do as they please as they are entertained by their surroundings - dancing on chairs, comical skit performances, singing and more. The servers work as a team, paying close attention to detail and entertaining guests individually to ensure that each person leaves with an unforgettable memory of the restaurant. Reservations at 998 883 1862 website icon location_icon icon face

Señor Frog's Cancun

Save Water, Drink Tequila! Reservations at 998 883 3454 website icon location_icon icon face

La Habichuela

The fame acquired by this restaurant has not solely been for its atmosphere. The superb cuisine and service, the menu composed of original and personal creations, emphasizing on Caribbean seafood, Mexican cuisine and excellent top choice cuts of beef are part of La Habichuela’s success. All of this, along with the courteous and professional service where every detail is taken care of, are the reasons, why, not having visited La Habichuela is like never having been in Cancun Reservations at 998-884-3158 website icon location_icon icon face


Av. Yaxchilan lt 69 SM25, Mz6, Cancun, Quintana Roo Cancún, Mexico icon face


A new era in Mexico's nightlife was born with Mandala. The striking entrance makes this club different from every place in town. The most cosmopolitan crowd goes to Mandala. If you value exclusivity, you'll love it here. Club opens daily at 9:30 p.m. Reservations at 984 8794189 website icon face

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